Anytime Anywhere #Gamified Learning

Who says learning has to be boring and restricted to the PC! Say hello to AktivLearn Mobile! Built from ground up to support gamification and social features, it's going to change the way we learn! It's beautiful!


The app lets you continue from where you left off on the web so you don't have to waste time searching for things - instead, focus on learning!

Making Learning Fun

Bid farewell to boring learning and say hello to the future:


Learners navigate through a game-like interface with challenges, roadblocks and earn rewards for completing levels.


Challenge your friends to compete with you on quizzes and assignments. Discuss with them on issues that matter.


Learning. Delivered. To. Learners. In. Smaller. Chunks. For. Higher. Engagement.

The Essentials

Even when we look at the future, we haven't forgotten the basic requisites of the HR community and the learners alike.


Never miss your date with a quiz or an assignment. Or when a friend beats you in a quiz.


Analytics helps you understand your learners, follow their progress and benchmark their performance.

Make it your own

Your company, your colors, your branding - Your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the size of the app on the mobile?

About 5 MB for both the Android and iOS versions.

What is the size limit for content upload (video, audio etc.)?

Files upto 1 GB in size can be uploaded. Please bear in mind that larger files take longer to download on the mobile, and might take up a significant proportion of users’ available space.

Does the app support offline usage?

The app currently supports limited offline usage. Uploaded course content such a audio, video, presentations, documents etc. will be downloaded once upon first access and then subsequently fetched from local storage with no data transfer over the network. An active internet connection, though, will be required to view various items in the course, complete quizzes, and so on.

Does the Mobile version support all features of the web version?

Most of the features for students in the web version are supported on the mobile. The mobile app doesn’t have features that enable teachers to create courses and define course content.

Is content uploaded in courses secure?

Yes, all content will be held within the app and the user will not able to extract content outside of the app and consume it. You control your content.

Will course progress achieved on the mobile be automatically synced to the web version?


Does the mobile app support gamification, just like the web version does?


Should content be created separately for web and mobile versions?

No. It is possible to create responsive and bite-sized content that work effectively on the mobile. Please remember that courses created for the web might not automatically translate into the best user experience for mobile; some tweaks will be required so that the course works seamlessly on both web and mobile.

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